Black and White Male
Black and White Male
Red and White Male
Puppy #6 - Noah
Puppy #5 - Titus
Black and White Female
Black and White Female
Black and White Female
Puppy #3 - Splash
Puppy #2 - Buttercup
Puppy #1 - Katerina
NEW ARRIVALS - DOB Feb. 12th, 2015
Pick up date - after April 2nd, 2015
Shipping - after April 9th, 2015

Bliz - Maddie
Nemo - Sire
Meet the Parents
We've raised Siberian Huskies for over 24 years and we guarantee our puppies. If you purchase a puppy from a backyard breeder who may only raise a litter on occasion, chances are the puppy you get will not be guaranteed. Just because a person owns a male and a female Siberian Husky does not mean they are to be matched up. Our selections at Mikayla Kennels are decided so that one dog compliments the other. This way we can know you get the best companion with good temperament, great over-all health and outstanding looks you want and deserve.

Our puppy information will be updated regularly so you will know exactly what we have available. Pending means either Mikayla Kennels is looking closely at a puppy for us or a buyer has sent a deposit and it's marked, pending the arrival of their money. Available means we have this puppy available to individual homes but please check with us in case the website has not been updated. Sold means the puppy is no longer available. The posting date will tell you when this page was last updated with the most current photos we have of the puppies, availability of puppies. We update on a two weeks basis. For information on upcoming litters, please see our expected and planned litters page. Mikayla Kennels reserves the right of first choice on all litters.

Our litters consist of Siberian Husky puppies in colors of gray and white, black and white, red and white, and agouti. Colors will vary in shading.

Delta Airlines is our primary shipper to US states and Canada. We reserve the right to use other qualified airlines if the situation deems it necessary. Not every airline flies to the same cities. Puppies ship after they are 8 weeks of age. Please see our shipping page for more details. Normal flight times are from, 4-7 hours, all in one day, in the US. Puppies can also be picked up at our kennel at 7 weeks of age.

Sales are by contract only.

We guarantee the health of your puppy against distemper and parvo, as long as a Certified Veterinarian is allowed to examine your puppy within 48 hours from time of arrival. We have a 2 year guarantee on hips and eyes. See more on our Guarantee.
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Mikayla Siberian Huskies offers AKC Siberian Husky puppies occasionally to qualified homes. We generally will produce about 4-6 litters a year. But in some years we may only raise 3-4. All pet puppies are purchased with limited registration. Puppies may be purchased with full registration to qualified kennels. Our puppies come well socialized by family and friends. There is tons of information available on our website to help you raise your puppy well. When you purchase from us we provide you with medications records to assist your vet. We also offer after sales helps if needed. Most of our puppies are purchased as companion pets with AKC limited registrations. An AKC registration does not determine the quality of the puppy. Quality is never sacrificed just because you only want a pet. Many of our puppies sold as pets could have shown in AKC competition if purchased for that purpose.
We begin taking deposits once pregnancy is confirmed. Mikayla Kennels reserves the right of first choice. More information

Available Puppies

Puppy #4 - Caine