We Do Not Breed For Eye Color and Do Not Sell Our Puppies On The Basis of Eye Color! We breed for quality genetics, temperament and health. If you want your puppy to have quality health, it is to your best interest to accept the eye color as a nature's choice and let it be one of your very last preferences in choosing a puppy. All eye colors are acceptable in The Siberian Husky according the Official AKC Siberian Husky Standard. Please read the Siberian Husky Description. Variations we see at Mikayla Kennels are: 2 brown eyes, 2 blue eyes, 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye, 2 amber eyes, 1 blue, 1 amber, an occasional split eye or party eye. We normally have 40% double blue eyes, 40% brown eyes, 15% bi-eyes (1 blue, 1 brown), 5% party eyes. Every litter is different. We do not guarantee any particular eye color.

Siberian Husky puppies will open their eyes around two weeks of age. All may appear to be blue at that time and even up to 4 and 5 weeks of age. The color we see then is not 100% certain to stay. We have seen eyes change color from blue to brown or vise-versa at 6-7 weeks of age. This is not common thing in our kennel but it has happened. If a puppy's eyes are blue at 4 weeks of age the chances are in their favor to continue to be blue. We do not guarantee this will always be the case. It is our policy to try our best to let you know what we feel about eye color of a puppy after 3 weeks of age (we will not attempt until after 3 weeks of age). We do not refund deposits based on eye color.

When you see Siberian Huskies on major dog shows, you will rarely see them with two blue eyes. Siberian Huskies are shown for conformation and eye color is not important to most top kennels. Show quality lines have mostly brown or bi-eyes (1 blue, 1 brown). Brown eyes are highly prominent in quality Siberian Huskies.

There are also other reasons why we cannot sell for eye color. Simply put, you should not buy for eye color to begin with, but there are just too many wonderful traits in this breed to allow eye color to be a major consideration in your purchase. If after reading this you still want to purchase for eye color understand that we cannot hold a puppy on the basis of eye color because there are people who do not care if the eyes are blue or brown, and simply want a high quality Siberian Husky puppy. If there is a puppy you like at our available puppy page on our website, then you should wait until it is about 4 weeks of age to check for eye color. At that time we can give you a better prediction. Maybe it will not be sold by that time. You can place a deposit at any age as long as you understand we cannot guarantee eye color. If you decide later that you do not want the puppy because it does not have the eye color you wanted or for any other reason, you will lose your deposit and possibly purchase opportunity from Mikayla Kennels. Our puppies are sold on a contract basis and are subject to the laws in Arkansas. Upon deciding to purchase from us you will be given a link to our Purchase Agreement.

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